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イギリス映画『F』感想 | あゆきょちの映画の館〜元ベテラン映画館スタッフブログ〜



う~ん・・・ 主人公が、おかしくなっちゃうパターン・・・。 

 主人公の高校の教師は、論文を提出した生徒に、‘落第点’をつける。 ‘落第’ではなく、再提出を望むのが一般的らしい。そうしないと、生徒の人権問題になる・・・。 ただ、その生徒の論文が酷すぎたので、言葉と共にその論文を返すと、殴られてしまう。 
 数ヵ月後、教師は復帰したが、大人しい授業になり、そのクラスにいた自分の娘も荒れる。 教師は、過去の色んな学校の暴力事件を調べ、資料を他の先生や警備員へ配る。 おかしい人扱いされる中、ある日の授業終わり、娘を補習に残す。 夕方で数名の教師だけが残る中、教室で親子の会話が始まるが争いになり、娘を殴ってしまう。 

 娘を殴った事を悔み、娘を追おうと教室を出るが、その途中、廊下で窓に何かがぶつけられる。 異変を感じた主人公は、警備員室に行く。警備員は主人公のいつもの奇行だと、取り扱わない。 警備員は、校長室に電話をかけようとするが繋がらない。 主人公は異様に気付き、娘を探しに行く。 


 そんな話で、初めから犯人が判らない。 殺され方が酷い。 最後はグダグダに終わるのかと思ったら、予想を超えて途中な終わり方。こういう系は、旦那さんが好きで借りてきてつい、目に入ってしまうが・・・。いつも、やはり見なければ良かったと、思う。 

British movies『F』impression

story The main character’s high school teacher gives the student who submitted the dissertation a “failure point”. It seems that people generally want to re-submit rather than’fail’. Otherwise, it will be a human rights issue for the students… However, the student’s paper was too harsh, so if I returned it with the words, I would be beaten. A few months later, the teacher returned, but it was a quiet lesson, and my daughter who was in that class also got rough. The teacher investigates past various school violence cases and distributes the materials to other teachers and guards. While being treated as a strange person, I left my daughter as a supplementary lesson at the end of a class one day. While only a few teachers remained in the evening, a conversation between parents and children started in the classroom, but there was a dispute and the daughter was beaten.
He regrets hitting his daughter and leaves the classroom to pursue her, but on the way, something hits the window in the corridor. The hero who feels something strange goes to the guard room. The guards do not handle the hero’s usual eccentricities. The guard tries to call the principal’s room but does not connect. The hero notices strangely and goes to find a daughter.
At that time, the remaining teachers and night cleaners were attacked by several people in each room.

From such a story, the criminal is unknown from the beginning. The way to be killed is terrible. I wondered if it would end in a gritty end, but beyond the expectation, how to end halfway. My husband likes this kind of system, so I rent it and it gets in my eyes… I always wish I hadn’t seen it.