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2018年大ヒット映画『カメラを止めるな』感想 | あゆきょちの映画の館〜元ベテラン映画館スタッフブログ〜


楽しい作品だった。 本当にゾンビが居そうなマジの雰囲気があった。最初は、役者に演技指導している監督から始まるんだが、キッカケがあり、吹っ切れて演技指導に身が入る〜キレてしまう。 最初は、平凡な物語かと思ったのがAパート(前半)。 次のBパート(後半)では、背景を描いています。 面白い。思わず笑った。 あと、ゾンビ映画好きな人も笑えると思う。

 カメ止め現象は、続いた。2017年11 月公開。ロングランだから、劇場で見れた。

 映画好きな先輩は、この作品が面白いのは元より、小さな劇場から大きな会場へ全国的に広まったのは、舞台挨拶を繰り返したからでは?と、分析してた。 そう、ほぼ無名の俳優達がこうも有名になったのはこう言う事もあるだろう。 監督には、難題だろうが、次の作品に期待だろう。 





アニメ ポプテピピック みたいに、Aパートがあって、Bパートって感じ。


そして、Aパート終わりに、’本当のゾンビの話だったのかなぁ? そして、これで終わるはずないよね、スタッフロールが、まず、上田監督(カメ止め、本当の監督)じゃないもんね‘と、思ってたら、1ヶ月前…そして、伏線を回収しまくりの、Bパート。



確かに、みんな、個性的な配役。娘役の子も、一重が光るし、助監督役は、目がぱっちりしてる。メガネとったら、結構、イケメンなのでは?監督役の濱津さんは、すごい、ハマり役。監督に、見える。それに、丸いお尻は良い、可愛い。 奥さん役のしゅはまさんの、キックみたいなボディーアタック?が凄かった!!!



ニヤニヤしちゃうよ。 是非、作品 カメ止め+パンフを、合わせてみてみるべき。


JAPAN MOVIE『One Cut of the Dead』impression

It was a fun work. There was a real atmosphere where zombies seemed to be there. At first, it starts with the director who is instructing the actors in acting, but there is a kick, and it is blown away and I get into acting instruction ~ I get sharp. At first, I thought it was a mediocre story, part A (first half). In the next B part (second half), the background is drawn. Interesting. I laughed unintentionally. Also, I think people who like zombie movies can laugh.
The turtle-stopping phenomenon continued. Published in November 2017. It’s a long run, so I saw it in the theater.
For seniors who like movies, not only is this work interesting, but the reason why it spread nationwide from small theaters to large venues is because of repeated stage greetings? I was analyzing. Yes, it may be said that the almost unknown actors became so famous. It would be a difficult task for the director, but I would expect the next work.

[Hereafter, the impression of writing notes immediately after seeing it in the theater]

102nd day of turtle stop release! It seems that it was today. I was so moved that I laughed! Cried! I said, but there was no crying scene. I laughed a lot. Like the anime Pop Team Epic, there is an A part and it feels like a B part. I shouldn’t have a scene to laugh in Part A, but in the scene where the director was kicked out, the actor was laughing at the place where he locked it. And at the end of Part A, “Is that a real zombie story? And it shouldn’t end there. Staff rolls aren’t Ueda (real director, stop turtles)”, a month ago … And the B part that collects hints. This laughs. It’s not a movie that always makes you laugh.
Certainly, everyone has a unique cast. The child who plays the role of a daughter also has a single glow, and the assistant director has clear eyes. If you take glasses, isn’t it pretty handsome? Mr. Hamatsu, the director, is a great and addictive role. It looks like a director. Besides, the round butt is nice and cute. Is it a kick-like body attack by Shuhama-san, who plays the role of his wife? Was amazing! !! !!
Looking at the end roll (real), the surname that the baby role is “Ueda” is “Ah … the director’s child? ‘I thought, I was right!
Just because it’s a zombie, it’s not a horror movie. It’s a comedy. interesting.