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映画 探偵はBarにいる 関係者試写会感想 | あゆきょちの映画の館〜元ベテラン映画館スタッフブログ〜

映画 探偵はBarにいる 関係者試写会感想



  映画館関係者で、松竹作品なのに、東宝で試写会すると言う企画ものでした。そして、何故か本人も来ました。 大泉洋さんは初見だったのですが(北海道の貴公子?とか伝説とかは知らない)、TVで見るバラエティ感のあるかたでしたよ。 結婚し子供もまだ小さいという事でした。 質問コーナーがあり、お酒の事を答えていらっしゃいました。CMしてるので「(好きなお酒は)ウィスキーと答えなきゃダメでしょ?」と言ってました。大きく無いスクリーンで見たので、ご本人の背の高さや、オーラが側にいる様に伝わってきました。

 作品の感想は、大泉さんはもちろん、ニヒルが似合います~☆ で、松田龍平・・・。結構好きだったので、かっこよさが際立って、良かった(^^) 
 こういう作品って、ルパンを連想させますね・・・。仲間の関係性、車、悪役の濃さ・・・。 作りこんでるというか、昔からシリーズがあった様な雰囲気のストーリーが絶妙。 
 悪役=高島さんは、似合いすぎて最高! ~本当にニヒルで、独特な雰囲気の映画でした~。 お酒に例えるなら、ウォッカとか、ハイボールでしょ、やはり!

JAPAN MOVIE『TANTEI HA BAR NIIRU』(The detective is in the Bar)

Story Susukino in Sapporo, Hokkaido, the northernmost entertainment district in Asia. A mysterious woman contacts a detective man who lives in this town. After that, three murder cases occur. What is the mystery of the mysterious case, and what is the identity of a mysterious woman? A suspense movie of Naoki Azuma’s popular series “Susukino Detective Series,” which won the Japan Detective Writer’s Award, “The Call to the Bar”, made with a breathtaking action and development. The main character I (Detective), Oizumiyou, the detective assistant Takada Ryuhei Matsuda, the heroine Koyuki, etc., a movie of gorgeous actors!

I saw it at the official preview. It was a project related to a movie theater, and it was a Shochiku work, but a preview was held at Toho. And for some reason, the person himself came. Mr. YOU Oizumi was the first time to see it (I don’t know about Takako, a legend in Hokkaido?), but he had a sense of variety on TV. I was married and my children are still small. There was a question corner, and you answered about alcohol. Since I’m on a commercial, I said, “(Your favorite liquor) should be whiskey, right?” Since I saw it on a small screen, I heard that the person was tall and the aura was on the side. The impression of the work is that You Oizumi and Nihil look great-,RyuheiMatuda… I liked it quite a bit,so it was cool because it was cool(^^) Both of them have already been used,and this relationship has been going on for many years! It is amazing to make a part called. This kind of work is reminiscent of Lupine… Relationships between friends,cars,villains… The story is so exquisite that it seems to have been a series for a long time.It was good that the city of Sapporo was cold. Every time I personally think that it’s hard to convey the image of snow. Villain=Mr.Takashima is the best match!~It was a movie with a really unique atmosphere ~If you compare it to sake,you can say vodka or highball,after all!