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消防士達の勇気と団結の証!1991年映画『バックドラフト』感想 | あゆきょちの映画の館〜元ベテラン映画館スタッフブログ〜



ビデオ鑑賞。 1991年作品。



 正直、覚えてない内容…。印象的な部分はやはり、バックドラフト現象で死んでしまうシーン(父?兄?)と、主人公の弟が生還するシーンかな。 印象的な部分のみ、覚えていて、他は…日常だからか忘れてしまった。 この、兄弟愛や、家族愛があり、かつ、放火魔と対決シーン…炎との格闘が、暑くも大変で。スクリーンから、熱が伝わってくる様だった。 とても、“アツイ作品”には間違いなく、最後はハッピーエンドと言うお決まりの映画。 それを判ってて鑑賞はするけど、ハラハラドキドキが止まらない1本立った筈。☆5つの作品。

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 A flame is close in the room where a door was closed for saying a back draft phenomenon, and when a door is opened, there seems to be nothing at 1:00, the phenomenon the heat close only in a moment spouts. A movie, it itself is fireman’s talk. My father dies in the line of duty by a fireman. Children’s brother becomes a fireman, too. An arson addict event occurs, and I confront in order to protect a town! It looks like the human drama which says so, but it’s said that the genre is an action drama. Is a striking part the scene to which Sean who dies of a back draft phenomenon (My father? My elder brother?) and main character’s younger brother come back alive as expected? Only a striking part is remembered, and it has been forgot because whether other ones are… daily life. There are this brotherly affection and family love, and a fight with the arson addict who overcomes and a confrontation scene… flame is also serious hotly. Heat seemed transmitted from a screen. The conventional movie the end calls a happy ending very much certainly in “hot work”. That’s understood and it’s appreciated, but throb doesn’t stop flutteringly, 1 bottle should rise. ☆ 5 works.