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ライク・サムワン・イン・ラブ映画感想 | あゆきょちの映画の館〜元ベテラン映画館スタッフブログ〜



~時間の、無駄でした。 ドキュメンタリーものは、嫌いではないけど、おじいちゃんが、少女に恋したり、憧れを抱く映画は、どの国の作品を見ても、生々しくエロく、何も残らない。虚しい。 
老人が、悲しい映画。 冒頭、お婆ちゃんが可哀想過ぎて、涙目に。 

第65回カンヌ国際映画祭コンペティション部門正式招待作品。第22回日本映画プロフェッショナル大賞 大賞ベスト10 第5位を受賞作品。 大層な感じだが、若い頃に見ても、全く共感出来ない。 ヒロインは若い女、ワガママ。彼氏は暴力的。




 PCからのリモートのでの繋がりでもいい。孤独が良いと言う人も居るが、コミュニティがある事により、認知症は遅れると思う。(認知症は脳の病気だから話す事で脳の刺激になると思う) こう言う切ないだけの映画は悲しいし、切ないし、見てて痛いだけです。

Japanese French common work『Like Someone in Love

Director Abbas Kiarostami The 65th time Cannes international film festival competition section formal invitation work The 22nd time Japanese movie professional jackpot Jackpot best 10 The 5th place is won.

-It was waste of time. He likes a documentary thing, but a grandfather loves a girl, and whichever national work the movie which holds admiration sees, no erotic KU stays vividly. Empty.
Aged people are a regrettable movie. The beginning and a grandmother are too pitiful and are in watery eyes.
Heroine’s girl and the boyfriend be the foolish role, and however I don’t like, the type.
Ryo Kase is Mr. actor from whom only Mr. actor learns about the name.

A young woman is selfish for a heroine. The boyfriend is violent. A main character is a grandfather, I sometimes say so, there is a work which draws a life, painful and loneliness after I grow old, but neither sympathy nor understanding will be done at all. In-home nursing care rekiyaku, 10, several years, I think there are painful which becomes recognition shou and loneliness of which others dies, too, when he grows old, for my thinking, but I think more choices to which I say that the family has to care as future’s problem should spread. Such as the person himself chooses lonely living alone like this movie and dispatches a date club, I’d have that actually. So there is a community only there. How to open of a community, the young person and the aged people who feel far-sighted are unrelated, and isn’t it a problem to grope after the way to get in touch and consider? The relation by the one of the remoteness from a PC is also fine. The person who says that he’d like loneliness is here, too, but I think recognition shou is late by being a community. (I think because it’s cerebral sickness, recognition shou is to speak, and it’ll be a cerebral stimulus.) I say so, the movie which is just painful is regrettable and painful and I’m seeing and just have a pain.